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Kabaneri of The iron Fortress Episode 9

Fang of Ruin


  • Levi Valåmo (WestNomad)

    God i’m hyped for this

  • Knight Of Devil

    Gasabar :v

  • Tatsuya

    is another voice speaking over them or is it just my computer acting messed up?

  • Ariez Suyatno

    my opinion Kabaneri is not airing this week. but i’m not sure

    • why not?

      • 『Tatsuya Shiba』

        Earthquake in japan but i’m guessing that if there is a chinese leak like last week, it will show up here

        • yeah i think they will not aired this week nor it will delayed

          • 『Tatsuya Shiba』

            episode 2 official aired yesterday

          • NamatoShi

            6 hours more :-;

        • NamatoShi

          Ok, Now I’m losing my mind….

          • 『Tatsuya Shiba』

            yup same here

    • NamatoShi

      Don’t worry unless that timer stops or extends for another 7 days, I won’t lose my mind.

  • Minato namikaze102

    Well time to sleep, hopefully I can watch it in the morning

  • bob979

    Timer is kinda wrong. reset the page and the timer resets. yea time to sleep. will watch later

  • Darkkiss


    • DatPass

      VapeNation #GoGreen

  • The person on the right

    Ikr the best anime

    • Ahad Shaikh

      *Distant Oras

  • The person on the right

    Its gonna be an epic episode believe me man

    • 『Tatsuya Shiba』

      haven’t they both been so far? XP

  • keanu farias

    NO!!! its not showing!!!!

    • NamatoShi

      It air and I’m waiting for any subs but I am sad that I saw spoilers!!!

  • Caleb Mills

    i am new here, where is this timer? i cant see one and feel really dumb

    • i think, it will delayed or aired next week, look at horriblesubs they released only the ep2 of kabaneri,

  • Caleb Mills

    Life is crushed

  • Reeses Ramsay
  • jwisch

    For those who don’t know, this was delayed by a week because Kinomouto had an earthquake (6.4 foreshock, 7.3 mainshock, at least 120 aftershocks)

  • kabaneri


    • 日本人 じゃない

      looks like you’ll have to wait another

  • The person on the right

    They said it will be today wtf

    • 日本人 じゃない

      now, I’m not completely sure, but today was when episode 2 was supposed to be released, we got it early because it was released, but because of the earthquake, the Japanese staff had the week off of work. and they didn’t need to either because the episode technically airs today end they had already finished it.

      if the Japanese staff still had to work, we’d be getting double eps of shows like assclass and sakamoto, but we’re not.

      • Minato namikaze102

        I see so instead of episode 3, the official episode 2 was aired. I atleast hope they’ve changed the video uploaded last week, sub quality was terrible.

  • Neil

    I waited for a 1 Week for this???????

  • maj klod

    this anime is the next big thing like erased , i cant wait for the nxt episode

    • Caleb Mills

      I loved ERASED!

    • Oh no this is bigger than erased. Give it time.

  • Dewy

    well on kissanime it says 3hrs and here it saying 6days-7hrs I wonder which is right

    • baekhyun is a hoe

      wat the count down didnt show on kissanime when i went on the website

  • Emmanuel Joey Prado

    ugh 🙁

  • Emmanuel Joey Prado

    Okay. :3

  • Anima Metit

    Anyone else notice that the countdown ends on Thursday? Does that mean it is released early or have they just made an error?

  • chris

    take all the time you need guys those wer some bad earthquakes you had… my prayers got out to those lost and have lost,
    stay strong

  • Alexander Powell

    it had one day left when they postponed it… fk mother nature

    • Nicollas

      yes fk her

  • corbra_darklord

    yay one more day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Ethan Mackey

    20 HOURS 20 HOURS 20 HOURS!!!!!!

  • Khairul Farhan

    8 More hours then.. Bad subs incoming

  • HardCoreNinjaYT

    By The power of Derpiness i WIll Air this Episode in 7:32:10 from now!!! 😛

  • Blue Berry

    only 12 minutes left ^_^ yay

  • Minato namikaze102

    Another 3 hours to go, I can’t wait to see the mushi’s reaction

  • Max Butter

    How long until it gets subbed?

  • Kuniholo S

    how long does it typically take to sub after the raw version is released?

  • Nicollas

    Why are there no subtitles?

  • Kenzu Zanku

    when the sub will come out

  • Nikolas Thomas

    Will it be subbed when it comes out on this site?

  • Alexander Powell

    nuh why u gotta be that way bite teh bitch

  • Alexander Powell

    just do itj

  • kabaneri

    Why does it have to be such a huge cliff-hanger?

  • InvasionLenni

    I want to punch that little bitch who kicked Ikoma in the face…= =

  • Jumpingjack

    It’s a shame they have such short episodes. Basicly it’s like 5-8 minutes of content everytime because they drag out everything : /

  • Aaron Boss

    i seriously hate mumei wat a fcking bitch fck her lol