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Kabaneri of The iron Fortress Episode 8

The Silent Hunter


  • skeleton_pt

    pls start
    i need to see the new episode ;_;

  • paolo

    how many minutes left?

  • Eason Teh Otaku

    Wtf come on

  • Neil

    Oh Come on I waited up for 1 week for nothing???

  • SomeGuyWithSoda

    its ok guys lets just wait for the episde i hope nothing bad happend to the staff of this anime

  • Cece Wolf


  • baekhyun is a hoe

    I cant wait pls come quicker

  • Blank

    no sub?

    • ItsOnlyJayke

      It’ll come a later. Usually a few hours. I’m just as eager to see it as you are but It’ll be worth it in the end.

  • Patrick von Loeper

    is it normal that there are no subs ?

    • ItsOnlyJayke

      Because it was only aired an hour or so ago, it’ll take a bit of time to subtitle everything in, don’t worry. the subs will arrive soon enough.

  • Cece Wolf

    yessss YESS IT CAME OUT !!

  • shae shae

    I wish there is a timer for when it will be subbed, as well. Waiting is the hardest, the struggle is real. 😛

  • Kenzu Zanku

    how many minutes till the sub come out

  • Tamás Oláh

    Still raw… I mean, it’s not getting dubbed, only some writing is necessary, so what does it take this long? If i had to translate to english from my mother tongue or vica versa only some 50 lines, it would be complete in an hour… Reupload takes another 10-20 minutes, but it was almost 3 hours ago that the original was online.

    Or is there a certain point when the subbed version can be uploaded?

  • Bleeding_Zebra


  • Tai Penny

    Why can’t I watch it ? Just keeps playing ads in a loop

  • It’s not playing!!!!!!!! I would rather download the video than just wait for 300 years to load. And PLEASE tell me how to DOWNLOAD the video>

  • Sir Dubya

    I know a lot of people(including me) gives this show crap for being like AOT/SNK, but its fucking awesome!

  • Sir Dubya

    He’s gonna kill every last one of them! He’s gonna kill all the titans! Kill all the kabane, i mean.